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Feb 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
in riverside, the entire state of california is on a tax cal alert and a navy base is on lock down. he had a hotel there as late as wednesday. adam housle yeshgs. >> more details from this man hunt. >> the officers mistakenly shot two women2 women delivers papers. >> police call it a case of mistaken identity. >> he was fire from the los angeles police department back in 2008 for making false statements. >> in a lacy manifest o, we found on his facebook page, he names former la police chief, now a consultant. bratten and courter opposed if are this photo, but he says he doesn't remember the former officer. >> i don't recall him. as distinctive as he looks, and i don't recall the specific set of circumstances for which i fired him. >> he sent him a coin given by bratton to cnn news center. it had 3 bullet holes in it along with a note that read thanks but no thanks. >> they issued a blue alert for dorner. the blue alert is subject to an amber alert. this is the third such alert since the system sufficiency established 2 years ago. go to ktv are under the la man hunt tab -- ktvu. >> we
Feb 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
to begin next year. some of the money will come from hotel taxes and some from the city's fund. >>> the annual charity limit of 12 beach took place today. >> reporter: singer huey lewis led celebrities to the pebble beach national pro am. today's celebrity challenge included andy garcia it back to bill murray. >> it is as competitive as amateurs can stand. it gets a little easier. you aren't quite as nervous. that takes a bit of getting used to. >> reporter: thepressure that makes top movie stars humble. >> it definitely changes. you are used to playing with your friends and now you are playing in front of all these people who are expecting you to be able to the ball. >> reporter: an added pressure for performers playing golf if the plane to the crowd. >> it is keep your head down and talk about fiber. >> reporter: all this scenery is expected to change and the weather that was so perfect could be more wet starting tomorrow. >> if there is a good chance of rain it usually only way for a couple hours. i will keep my fingers crossed. >> reporter: in the end humid with one. n
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2